Thursday, 29 October 2009


Note to self: check spelling of important titles before saving forever!

my husband informed me i've spelled Geordy incorrectly, and considering he is is deeply offensive to him. I feel ashamed. And I don't think I can change the title of the blog once it's made!! :P Doh.

Our Wedding

So Ithought I'd finally put up some photos of a few elements of our wedding. The following are a few photos of the invitations which my super talented husband designed himself. We had a very very limited budget so ended up getting them printed at your average commercial printers, so although ideally in a world where money is no object we would have loved to have them letterpressed, i think they turned out pretty awesome.

I need some better photos. Will take and post some of all the individual pieces of the invites, as well as our save the date card which we also made ourselves!

Should also say that our method for addressing the invites was a brilliant idea i found on in the diy section where you print in a similar colour to the envelopes the address onto the envelope itself and then proceed to write over the writing so create some much better handwriting than would have otherwise appeared. Plus you save money on hiring a colligrapher.