Friday, 4 February 2011

Absence makes the heart grow...

So it has kind of been a while since I last updated.

Work has been keeping me pretty busy. I'm trying to be more pro-active with my interests but to be honest I'm not a very pro-active person. I've started my other blog (the one primarily about cooking) and I've got a voice lesson booked in for this month with a vocal teacher. Two things I told myself I wanted to do before my 25th birthday which is fast approaching. I've also take a couple very very small steps towards starting up a contact group for American women living in the North East. So in some ways, this pro-active thing is working.

My intent through this next year is to really try to battle my natural instinct to just sit by and let stuff happen or not happen and to try to be actively doing and searching.

So here goes :)

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